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so you do not bring the legacy of divorce into your future.

5-years from now your life is going to be totally different than how it looks today. You're going to become different because the very process of separating forces you out of your comfort zone into a new direction. Doing so without guidance can be tricky.

What I know to be true is that there's a particular kind of work necessary to change an inevitable future. If you don't consciously, courageously design where you're going you'll remain stuck in resentment, fear, and loneliness. I call being stuck Post-Traumatic Divorce Disorderâ„¢. Without consciously creating the future, many people get stuck and are unable to get what they truly want after a relationship fails.

If you realize there's work to be done and you do your work, you'll get more in touch with your values, your self-worth, your boundaries, and not be thrown by the legal and emotional challenges the breakup forces you to face. You'll stand a better chance at understanding what's up ahead and make decisions in your best interest.

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